The New Hope Foundation in China cares for sick and physically disabled babies who have been abandoned. The babies all come from private or government-run Children’s Welfare Institutes close to Beijing. The Hope Healing Home accommodates 47 babies as well as being the center for babies to be fostered into local homes in the surrounding area.

Dr. Joyce Hill and her husband Robin have a vision to help the local Chinese Children’s Welfare Institutes in the work that they do, caring for abandoned babies. The Hills do this by providing care and medical treatment for babies with surgically correctable deformities. These babies are looked after in their own home and are treated as if they were their own children. Their vision is to meet the very specific needs of very young babies either at risk or in need of surgery that would not otherwise be available to them.

Once you have made your donation through Show Hope, please send Hope Foster Home an e-mail about your decision to give. Details regarding your donation amount or a specific need you are meeting (i.e. sponsoring a child) should be sent directly to Thank you for your decision to support this great work.

All donations are in US Dollar (USD $).